golden archer productions

golden archer productions

Golden Archer Productions Lt. was founded in 2003 and its main focus is making documentaries, journalistic movies, films for presentation, commercials and theatre plays.

The two founders Allan and Svetlana Lazarov have been in audiovisual projects and television business for decades and they have made a lot of television, film and theater pieces.

The Theater

Production of theater plays and other staged projects.

Film / Theater

Production of films with live actors, documentaries, educational movies, and films for self-presentation.

Production of theater and concert-like performances.

Creating projects using the highest technology there is: DV CAM, Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, HD.


Creating multi-media presentation

Graphical adjustment of your texts and DTP. In order to promote your company better, we can get some VIP actors to star in your commercial.


Performances in 2017:

Norbert Silberbauer

18. 4. - KD Svět, Český Brod
od 19:00
Krále Jiřího 332, 282 01 Český Brod

8. 3. - Dům kultury Hodonín
od 19:00
Horní Valy 3747/6, 695 01 Hodonín

15. 2. - KD Střelnice, Jindřichův Hradec
od 19:00
Masarykovo nám. I / 107, Jindřichův Hradec, 377 01

Agentura - Nositele autorských práv k dílu zastupuje Aura - Pont s.r.o., Radlická 99, Praha 5


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