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The two founders Allan and Svetlana Lazarov have been in audiovisual projects and television business for decades and they have made a lot of television, film and theater pieces.

The Second Death of Joan of Arc

A play written by a Bulgarian dramatist Stefan Canev

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The Second Death of Joan of Arc has its Czech premier on our stage!
Is heroism necessary, even when the stakes are high? ‘Appears so…

Or you tell us, basing on what you see in the comedy-filled tragedy and legend, about a non-traditional reprise of the night before Joan’s execution.

prestigious prizeThe Second Death of Joan of Arc was introduced on the international film festival Stage Crossroad in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and it was awarded with a prestigious prize.

Cast: Vilma Cibulkova, Ladislav Mrkvicka, Stanislav Lehky

Direction and translation: Svetlana Lazarova

Stage desing:: Jakub Vinklar

Music: Matěj Vasicek

Costumes: Jozefina Garailova, Nina Klestilova

Graphic advisor: Jana Jisova

Janette, an amateur theater actress, is presented with a choice – “to crawl and live, or to stand straight and die.” On her journey of spiritual change she is becoming “Joan” and her own “creator”. God and the executioner, who support Janette in her crucial change, are also very strange. God turns out to be a poor, pathetic and pacifistic old man who loathes everything there is around. The executioner is very altruistic and humane in his bloody job. This whole flashback of the crucial moment of one, already mythologized death, makes us realize that you have to ripen to be a hero.

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Firlinger (Svatoušek)

A tragicomedy monolog by an Austrian author
Norbert Silberbauer

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Where does a sinless life lead?

Translation: Michal Kotrous

Direction: Svetlana Lazarova

Cast: Otmar Brancuzsky

“I am dead and I feel wonderful!” A play that begins so can’t be boring. A waiting of a dead believer for his Angel who would bring him to God does not lack distinctive aspects of humor. It is a tragicomical contemplation of a man who’d already been nailed in the coffin during his life, having lived dedicated to God, but somehow not having “lived” at all…
P.S. Are you a believer?
We believe you’ll come!

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Performances in 2017:

Norbert Silberbauer

18. 4. - KD Svět, Český Brod
od 19:00
Krále Jiřího 332, 282 01 Český Brod

8. 3. - Dům kultury Hodonín
od 19:00
Horní Valy 3747/6, 695 01 Hodonín

15. 2. - KD Střelnice, Jindřichův Hradec
od 19:00
Masarykovo nám. I / 107, Jindřichův Hradec, 377 01

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